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Want It Now: Fall Red & Burgundy

This fall, dark deep red and burgundy colors are popping up everywhere. From the recent Neiman Marcus catalog to the latest fall magazines, the trend is clear: deep red is a hot trend this fall and holiday season.

Red isn’t necessarily a “new” trend for this time of year, but here are some ways to update your look this fall to make red feel fresh.

Add a piece of dark red jewelry.
Accessorize with just a touch of the wine color for a fun accent and to freshen up your fall outfit. The Stella & Dot Riva Tassel Earrings are fun and flirty, as shown below. Pair these earrings with a simple top, such as one of the Stella & Dot Blouses, or with a classic LBD this holiday.
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.33.44 PM.png

Sip some burgundy.
Another trend for fall and holiday? Delicious deep red wines. Try a wine that gives back to charity with ONEHOPE Wine, a Napa Valley-based vineyard and winery that donates their profits to various charitable causes. My faves include the California Red Blend, which benefits our military veterans and the California Cabernet Sauvignon, which supports autism awareness.
CA-CABERNETScreen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.02.04 PM

Paint it on.
An inexpensive way to play with this color trend: nail and lip color. Choose a pretty nail polish or dark red lipstick to brighten up your fall look. I love Essie Gel Nail Color in Gala-Vanting for it’s long-wearing formula, and Charlotte Tilbury ‘Hot Lips’ Lipstick in He’s Bells for it’s deep, beautiful color.
Main Image - essie® Gel Couture Nail PolishMain Image - Charlotte Tilbury 'Hot Lips' Lipstick

Choose texture.
Adding a red piece of clothing with some texture is a great way to add interest to an outfit, especially in fall and winter, when layering is key. Try these fierce burgundy leather leggings. The Stella & Dot Burgundy Suede ‘Sunday’ Bucket Bag is also a stunner, and a true classic that you can wear again and again. Or this Dottie V-Neck Dress from Anthropologie is a winner as well.
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.39.02 PM.pngSlide View: 1: Dottie V-Neck Dress


What I Want Now: White and Navy Stripes

There’s just something about them: the clean lines, the nod to nautical nostalgia, the crisp color combo. Stripes are loved and adored by so many, and I’m certainly one of them. I think every girl at one time or another questions the stripe — Does it make me look wide? Can I pull it off? But a good stripe story is similar to that of Goldie Locks. We all must find a stripe that isn’t too big, too little, too bright, too bland… but just right.

Just right, for me, is a about a one-inch width, navy and white in color, and has a classic but flirty attitude.

If you haven’t found your stripe yet… Consider striped accessories first. Because a striped scarf doesn’t make your arse look fat. Yes, it looks good on you. And no, you don’t look like a sailor. Well, maybe a tad…. Actually, you look just right.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 9.58.49 PMScreen shot 2014-03-03 at 9.25.52 PMScreen shot 2014-03-03 at 9.53.46 PMScreen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.03.00 PM
Left to Right: Stella & Dot Navy Stripe ‘How Does She Do It’ Bag; Gap Sateen Stripe Fit & Flare Dress; Stella & Dot Stripe Palm Springs Scarf; Boden USA Navy & Ivory Stripy Tunic.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 10.12.33 PMHere is my adorable friend Anna and her coworker rocking some navy & white.
Check out Anna’s style blog Hello Handbag and read her tips on how to wear stripes.

What I Want Now: Fuzzy White Sweater

There’s something about white after Labor Day. It has to do with not following the rules. And perhaps a little nostalgia from my childhood. I remember my Dad taking me to get a vanilla soft serve cone at Dairy Queen on a chilly day, and I thought it was funny how we were eating cold food when it was cold out. I also remember buying a cozy, soft winter white sweater at Mervyn’s (ha!–remember that place?) and when my mom told me that it was faux pas to wear it after Labor Day, I thought I was the biggest rebel EVER for wearing it any way.

Perhaps I love the dichotomy of a bright white against dark fall foliage. Or maybe I love the memories and the silliness of the nostalgia from my childhood. Or maybe I just really love white.

Either way, I am coveting one soft, cozy, snuggly white sweater this fall.

Because it makes me feel good. And it makes me feel a tad silly. In a good way.

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 7.38.05 PMScreen shot 2013-11-26 at 7.43.26 PMScreen shot 2013-11-26 at 7.34.55 PM
From left to right: Alexander Wang Fine Knit Sweater from the Outnet, Pure Serenity Sweater from Modcloth, 525 America Sweater from Bloomingdales.

What I Want Now: A Touch of Neon

Some people loooove neon. Others don’t understand the trend. And then there are people like me who used to question why anyone would wear it, but now is considering it in small doses. If you can relate, try these cute neon accessories for summer. They give you a little bit of that jolt of color without being too obnoxious or over-the-top. Gotta love that colorful, summertime fashion!

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 9.43.50 PMScreen shot 2013-06-07 at 9.58.59 PM

Left to Right: Neon green Wanderlust Multi Wrap Bracelet from Stella & Dot jewelry; Neon Lace Trim Tank from Madewell; Replay Matte Neon Sunglasses from Swell; Kelsi Dagger McKenna Heel from CUSP; Turquoise Mary-Margaret Stone Ring from Stella & Dot; Roxy Trapeze Thong Sandals from Macy’s.

What I Want Now: Bird Motifs

After watching the hilarious Portlandia sketch called “Put a Bird On It,” I noticed that, well, we really do put birds on everything. Lol. Notebooks, clothing, headbands, even nail art? Yep, there’s a bird on it. I’m not a crazy bird person, but, I do admit…. I like ’em! Bird motifs lend a flirty, whimsical vibe to an outfit, and I like that they represent flight, freedom and creativity. Here are some things with birds on them… But in a good way…

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.25.12 PMScreen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.26.39 PMScreen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.28.51 PM
Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.34.56 PMScreen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.31.00 PMScreen shot 2013-04-12 at 7.37.25 PM

From left to right: Eliza J ‘Fit & Flare Bird Dress‘ from Nordstrom; pure bronze gold ‘Soar Necklace‘ from Stella & Dot; red sleeveless ‘Oasis Bird Print Dress‘ from Asos online; silver ‘Girly Band Ring‘ from Modcloth; blue ‘Bird Print Top‘ from Dorothy Perkins; gold ‘Soar Earrings‘ from Stella & Dot.

What I Want Now: Leather!

Leather, both faux and real, is popping up all over the place. From leather leggings to leather-sleeved blazers to leather bracelets, it’s a huge trend for fall 2012. What’s more: Red leather. Not for the faint of heart, this trend has been big on the red carpet, seen on several celebs, including Elizabeth Banks and Maria Sharapova. No matter what color skin you wear, know that you’re surely on top of one of this season’s major style trends.

Left to Right: DKNY Black Sleeveless Leather Shift Dress from Macys (faux leather version HERE); ANN.C Red Leather Dropwaist Shirt Dress from Free People; MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Leather Leggings from Macy’s; Trifecta Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet from Stella & Dot; Faux Red Leather Blazer from Chico’s; 525 Leather Trim Blazer from Neimen Marcus.

Other hot leather trends for fall 2012:
* Leather shift dresses and skirts
* Leather “t-shirt style” tops
* Ox blood, bright red, grey and blue colors
* Leather detailing, such as leather sleeves or leather trim
* Laser-cut or lace-like leather details

What I Want Now: Denim & Diamonds

The chambray denim trend has been around for a while, and I’m just now starting to really LOVE IT! The casual denim comes in everything from pants to soft button-front shirts to cute summer dresses. I love the unexpected glint of a sparkly jewel paired with something so casual. Whether you’re going to work, to a concert or just to the farmer’s market, add a little bit of glam to your denim. Here’s how…

The Denim: Chambray Shirt from Land’s End Canvas; Savina Becca Chambray Dress from Alloy; The Chambray Shirt from Isabella Oliver.

The Jewels: Petra Bracelet, Petra Statement Earrings, and Deco Drop CZ Earrings, all from Stella & Dot.

Make It Earthy For Day: Calvin Klein Bayley Rope Thong Wedge Sandal from Lord & Taylor; Earth Denim Shorts from Reuse Jeans; Straw Woven Hat from Forever 21.

Toughen It Up For Night: Ecota Chevron Studded Sandal from Urban Outfitters, Black Faux Leather Trouser Shorts from Bebe; Black Larissa Peep Toe Heel from Sam Edelman.

What I Want Now: Colorful Jeans

I first got my hands on a pair of bright cobalt blue skinnies on Black Friday from American Eagle. I loved the color, but I didn’t love the fit. So I’ve been a little unsure of the whole bright-colored-pants thing. Well, that is, until I got my hands on a pair of Reuse Skinny Jeans in my fave color (see below left). I’m seriously smitten. I mean, really, I may propose and start planning the wedding. I love ’em! Now I’m coveting a pair in every color. Here are my faves…

Left to Right: Colored skinnys from Reuse Jeans; Ankle-zip toothpick jean from J. Crew; Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings from Bergdorf Goodman; Mid rise flare jean by Reuse Jeans.

What I Want Now: Hearts

My heart will go on. Don’t break my heart, my achy breaky heart. Tearin’ up your heart… Ok, ok, so hearts are overused, overrated and pretty darn cheesy. But I’m not talking about music lyrics right now. The fashion world is falling in love with hearts and I’m following suit. Not since my kindergarten leggings or my 9th grade note passing did I enjoy them this much. The iconic symbol of love is whimsical, feminine and joyful; and now they are trendy too! I’m loving it and will be stocking up… Maybe it will bring a total eclipse to my heart.

Left to Right: Wildfox Couture Heart Sweater from Boutique to You; Ever After Heart Necklace from Stella & Dot jewelry; Giggles Heart Pointed Court High Heels from TopShop; Canvas Red Heart Sneakers from Play Comme Des Garcons; Lauren Moshi Patch Heart Tank from Revolve Clothing; Diane Von Furstenburg Quinn Heart Buckle Belt from Neiman Marcus.

What I Want Now: Straw Accessories

I remember fondly this straw bag I carried all summer in the 8th grade. I took it to the pool, the lake, the mall. I thought it was incredibly cute, but really, it was just a $5 tote that fell apart after two months. And that wasn’t cute. Each spring and summer, more straw accessories hit the stores, but I haven’t picked one up since my beloved summer tote bag became mangled and broken that summer of 1998.

Well, to my surprise, I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over a lovely Michael Kors Wicker Clutch purse during a recent trip to Nordstrom. And so my obsession with straw begins again. The material’s come a long way since eight grade, featuring metallic thread, cute embellishments and softer textures. In fact, straw accessories are even great for evening! Who would have predicted that I’d fall back in love with this strange material? Well, perhaps my 13-year-old self would have predicted that precisely 13 years later I would. Perhaps it’s the thirteen year itch? Oh wait, that’s just my straw tote itching my arm….

Left to right: Poppie Jones Straw Clutch, $30, from DSW; Straw Fedora, $49, from Juicy Couture; Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Straw Satchel, $128, from; Straw Clutch with Tab, $30, from TopShop; Michael Michael Kors Straw Belts, $69, Lord and Taylor;  Nine West Hey Jute Handbag, $69, from Macy’s; Volatile Pina Colada Straw & Canvas Wedge, $54, from Swell; Volcom Buena Bolsa Straw Tote Bag, $40, from

What I Want Now: Crisp White

I just love the feel of crisp white linens, the gleam of a sparkly white sports car and the feeling I get when I wear a crisp white button-down shirt. So it’s no wonder that I’ve been jonesing for some bright whites lately. Summer is the perfect time to show off tan legs in short white shorts, or to carry a crisp white handbag with a colorful sundress. And here in Miami, it’s all about being bright, bold, sexy and colorful. So I’m determined to never pick up beige again. Instead, white is my new neutral.

Pocket Satchel
Welt Pocket Cuff Short
Left to Right: White Coated Cotton Satchel, $228, from Dooney & Bourke; Cropped Toothpick Skinny Jeans, $98, from J. Crew; Welt Pocket White Short, $60, from White House Black Market; Sloane Enamel Bangle, $59, from Stella & Dot.

What I Want Now: A Little Bit of Purple in My Life

For whatever reason, I have the really, really old song Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) by Lou Bega stuck on repeat in my head today. I also can’t get this fabulous violet straw fedora out of my head. So naturally the lyrics turned from “Monica” to “purple.” I’m not a hat girl, but this baby is the perfect shade, the perfect price and perfectly cool and unexpected. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. It will be the perfect beach accessory… Along with my purple iPod, which will be playing Mambo No. 5, of course.

Left to right: “Havemeyer” Straw Fedora from Christy’s Hats; Signature Clover Leather Wrap Cuff Bracelet from Stella & Dot (currently on sale and will be discontinued!); J Brand Purple Shorts from; Vix Peacock Print Bikini Top from

What I Want Now: Fun Summer Turquoise

In celebration of my recent move to Miami Beach, I am yearning for some great pieces that are shades of cobalt, turquoise and sky blue. The 2010 color of the year if still one of faves, but I also need pieces that are easy to walk in on the streets of South Beach and that are lightweight, since the humid air tends to jump from my skin to my clothing before I even reach 15th street. The pieces shown below are my top picks for summers in South Beach.

From left to right: Lilly Pulitzer “Tiernan” Silk Twill Dress, $298; Stella & Dot Charlize Teardrop Earrings, $34; Roxy “Up Surge” Cotton Shorts, $36; Stella & Dot Threaded Turquoise Necklace, $49; Talbots “Crysta” T-Strap Sandals, $99; and the Paige Turquoise Enamel Bangle, $59.

What I Want Now: Green & Yellow, Green & Yellow

What do you get when you combine your love of the Wiz Khalfia song “Black and Yellow” – which has been all over the radio lately – and your affinity for beautiful green jewelry, such as the lovely Camilla Ring from Stella & Dot? Well, you get green and yellow, of course. The vibrant, sunny hue pairs nicely with the earthy jade shade for a pop of color that is surprisingly more subdued than loud. But you have to be careful with this color combo, or else you may look like a bad take on an ’80s Lily Pulitzer catalog. Here is how to wear this color combo for spring 2011.

Left to Right: This beautiful silk Tolani blouse, $110, from is a pretty boho piece, especially when layered with the equally bohemian Awakening Charm Necklace from Stella & Dot; the Copa Necklace from Stella & Dot, $128; the Lucian Crochet Wedge from Tory Burch, $395, is the perfect trendy wedge heel for spring and summer; the Camilla Ring from Stella & Dot, $49, features beautiful green aventurine set in brushed 14kt gold vermeil and is subtle enough to be worn with everything; and the gorgeous silk floral dress from Elizabeth & James on Bluefly, $325, is a wonderful example of this color combo.

What I Want Now: Bright, Bold Color

I love color. I hate wearing anything beige around my face (it’s so drab, right!?) and I have countless eyeliner pencils in bright purple, navy, sea green and every shade in between. Color symbolizes youth and vibrancy, confidence and playfulness. And this season, you won’t be able to get away from it! From hot pink dresses to yellow heels to cobalt blue eye liner, there is a bright, bold color for every one and for every part of the body.

Carnival Stretch Bracelets from Stella & Dot, $69; Alice by Temperley Dress from Revolve Clothing, $350; Jessica Simpson Brook High Heel from, $89; Bombaleo Statement Necklace from Stella & Dot, $228; Cole Haan Crosby Snake Skin Wallet from, $89.

What I Want Now: Sparkly Statement Pieces

I can’t help but be drawn to sparkly things, but lately, it’s all I can think about. Fashion is taking  a turn towards the glitter and gleam with shimmering shoes, sequined skirts and sparkly jewelry, just in time for holiday cocktail parties. Update last year’s cocktail dress with a fabulous statement necklace, or with a stunning earrings and bracelet combo. Pick up a fun pair of high heels and add some colorful eye makeup. And if you want to treat yourself, go for the gold and splurge on a fabulous new dress. The key to sparkly statement pieces is that you’ll look like the belle of the ball without trying too hard. But, of course, that’s our little secret.

Left to right: Petra Fringe Chandelier Earrings from Stella & Dot, $59; Sequin & Lace Skirt from Express, $40; Alexia Admor Silver Sequin Dress from, $153; Enzo Angiolini Glitter Heel from Nordstrom, $95; Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace from Stella & Dot, $198.

What I Want Now: Gilded, Gold & Glittery Style

I’m very into this sequin thing that’s out right now. Dresses, tunics, headbands — even sneakers — are popping up with sequins, glitter, studs and sparkle. It’s like Liberace all the time. And I love it! Don’t get me wrong, I’m an understated gal and I would never over-do the sparkle. But the thing about glitter and sequins is that it fancies up any outfit and you look pulled together, even if your hair hasn’t been washed since Memorial Day or your skirt is tattered with holes. Hey, it might even add to that high-low, soft-hard look that’s so trendy right now.

The bling right now, for me, is all about gold and gilded. Who can forget Carrie Bradshaw’s AMAZINGGGG Christian Louboutin heels in the opening credits of Sex & The City 2? Girl, that’s what I’m talking about! Glitter and gold — It’s like Liberace, right? Only much more stylish.

From Left to Right:
How can ANYONE go wrong in this Alice + Olivia Sequin Dress? $289 from; This Nine West ‘Open Heart’ Clutch is downright adorable, $49; The Belle Fleur Ring from Stella & Dot just arrived and is gorgeous, $49; Take a cue from Carrie and try these Coloriffics Gold Gala Pumps, $56, from

What I Want Now: Wood Accents

I like to think of myself as a mediator. I’m the in-between girl. I’m a fan of the middle ground and the grey area. Chocolate or vanilla? Nah. I’ll take the swirl, please. Earthy or glam? Ehhhh, labels are meant for the pickle jar, thankyouverymuch. I love camping, I like hiking and I can tolerate going without toilet paper in the woods. But I also love my sushi, sequins and Stella & Dot. As I see it, why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? That’s why I love these gorgeous pieces with an earthy edge. They are still fun and downright adorable, but the wood accents somehow make the style more humble and organic, reminding me of the koa wood of the Big Island or the beautiful tree bark of a Redwood. Who knows, maybe I’ll bring these pieces along on my next camping trip. 

I’m like the stylish version of Bear Grylls….. Hmmm. No?

French Connection ‘Solar‘ Clutch, $98; Magid Straw & Wood Tote Bag, $70; Stella & Dot ‘Charlize‘ Wood Necklace, $59; TopShop ‘Sunflower‘ Peeptoe Platform, $145; Stella & Dot ‘Cypress‘ Wood Bangle, $39.

What I Want Now: Romantic Watercolor Looks

I’m coveting the recent trend hitting the stores and being highlighted all over the fashion magazines. The highly romanticized dresses and silk tanks seem to come straight out of a Shapiro painting, and I’m loving it! I first saw the gorgeous strapless Cynthia Steffe dress in Marie Claire magazine’s February issue. I again saw it on New Moon actress Nikki Reed at the Kids Choice Awards. It reminded me of an 80s prom night, but fresher and prettier — and without the fishnet hand gloves and teased hair. And after seeing the gorgeous Rachel McAdams in an Elie Saab Haute Couture strapless gown at the 2010 Oscars (right), I’ve decided I must have some paint-splattered, soft watercolor pieces for myself.

My most favorite pieces are the artsy, 80s-inspired mini dresses that are so popular right now, such as the Anthrologie dress with splashes of lime, purple and teal, and of course the Cynthia Steffe confetti-colored dress, both shown below.

Take your pick — whether you want something bright and cheery like an O’ Keefe, or something more broody and magical like J.W.S Cox, there’s something to suit your fancy.

Try these watercolor-inspired looks:

VOLCOM Steelgrind Dress, $39, Tilly’s; Suzi Chin Maggie Boutique Floral Dress, $148, Nordstrom; Silk Ruffle Wrap Dress, $130, Banana Republic; Rebecca Taylor Silm Ruffle Tank, $89, Bluefly; Floral Watercolor Scarf, $49, J. Jill; Cooling Magma Dress, $258, Anthropologie; Cynthis Steffe ‘Sam’ Ruffled Floral Dress, $325, Bloomingdales.

Mix in equally ethereal jewelry to finish off the look:

Above: All jewelry from Stella & Dot:  Josephine Pearl Lariat Necklace, $98; Bardot Spiral Bangle, $49; Smoky Quartz Perfect Facteted Earrings, $38; Heirloom Deco Earrings, $39; Sofia Pearl Cluster Ring, $39.

Erin’s Style Tips:
* For a sweet, romantic look, keep the accesories simple, such as bangles and hoop earrings and a classic chain-strap bag (a huge trend this season!). Cover up with a simple cotton or cashmere cardigan.
* For a more earthy vibe, try substantial t-strap sandals and rolled-up boyfriend jeans.
* Take your look up a notch by adding a motorcycle jacket, mixed chain necklaces and caged sandals for a rocker chic look. But keep the overall style feminine with a ruffled jacket or a white denim option.

What I Want Now: Butterfly Accents

If you know me, you know I’m a butterfly lover. Noooo, more like a butterfly freak. I love them. I love their colors, their grace, their symbolism for freedom and beauty and sincerity. And right now, all I’ve been thinking about is the new Spring 2010 HP Netbook from Vivienne Tam, below, inspired by the story “Butterfly Lovers.” This little laptop is so exquisite, my heart sings every time I see it.

So, in celebration of all things butterflies, I’m coveting accessories and styles that are just as sweetly breathtaking and enchanting as the winged creature itself.

From Left to Right: Beaded butterfly clutch from Judith Leiber, $3,995,; White burnout butterfly tee from We The Free, $48; Butterfly print cashmere cardigan from Autumn Cashmere, $152; Beaded butterfly cashmere sweater from E.vil, $158; all from Butterfly-back sequin shrug by Twelfth Street, $297,

From Left to Right: Silk one-shoulder butterfly dress by Rainbeaux, $56; Antik Batik Sequin Butterfly Dress, $635; Butterfly printed skirt from Ted Baker, $137; all from

From Left to Right: Butterfly ceramic knob, $8, and butterfly dinner plate, $16, from Butterfly scalloped sheeting, $52,

What I Want Now: Zoe & Zac for Payless

Payless is known for their extremely well-priced footwear and accessories, but the retailer has pulled in a dozen brands to design cute, stylish — and affordable — shoes for the everyday girl, teen and woman. Zoe & Zac, the eco-concious line from Summer Rayne Oakes (ok, with a name like that, how can she not be environmentally sound?), is no exception. The “fresh green fashion” line offers feminine wedges, sandals and ballet flats made from organic cotton, hemp and faux suede & leather, as well as recycled rubber, non-toxic glues and elastics made from recycled plastic bottles. How super chic and eco-friendly is that?!?

If that wasn’t enough, Payless will donate $1 to the Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” Campaign. And every $1 plants one tree.

Although the entire line is adorable (and just my style), I have my eyes on these ballet flats in particular. You won’t see them in stores either, as they are an online exclusive. This style comes in Black, Pink and Turquoise. They are so stinkin’ cute that I might just get all three colors. And that means that I’ll plant three trees while lookin’ stylish.

That’s particularly awesome.

What I Want Now: Shades of Cool

Shades of blue, green and turquoise are a hit, once again. And not JUST because it’s summer, although that is one reason. But shades of cool are, well, really cool right now. It’s THE hot color and looks universally flattering on all skintones and body types. It’s the perfect universal hue.

I’m naturally a cool kind of girl. And no I’m not talking hip factor, I’m talking color scale. I definitely lean more toward bright, fun colors on the cool spectrum, especially purples, teals and blues, with some neutrals mixed in, of course (usually grey, black or white). I’m loving the dreamy looks of the season, and mixing blues and greens is especially fun and flattering.

If you want to dip your feet into this trend, start with jewelry. Blue and greens always look fresh and trendy, whether you’re in St. Tropez or Sedona, or whether it’s December or August.

Above: Lily Flower Ring, $44; Piper Turquoise Necklace, $79; Isabelle Earrings, $34; Demi Turquoise Necklace, $79; all from Stella & Dot.

Ready to jump into the trend? Try pretty shades of teal, turquoise and navy to get in the mood. Most websites have an option that you can search items by color or style, or just type what you’re looking for into the Search box. A fun trend is mixing several colors within the same color family, such as cobalt and teal or even lavender and green.

Above: Blue and green DVF dress, $325; Juicy Couture Butterfly China Tote, $350; ; Rebecca Taylor Floral Blouse, $275; Splendid Print Blouse, $66; Lauren Moffatt Corset Dress, $154; Kate Spade Gladiator Sandals, $112; all from

What I Want Now: Luxe-Boho Maxi Dresses

I’m totally coveting the cute, sassy, boho look right now. And trust me, I’m no boho girl. My personal style is generally more classic and girlie, more in line with, say, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore or Anne Hathaway. But the bohemian look is so effortless and easy, I just can’t resist it. Especially with a pair of fun sandals and a jean jacket.

Celebs who rock the boho look with style: Nicole Ritchie, Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson

I want a maxi dress that’s bright, fun and chic. These are some of my faves:
Victoria’s Secret Maxi Dress, $109; Sue Wong Silk Dress, $368; Hurley Adele YC MAxi Dress, $48; Corey Lynn Calter Maxi Dress, $153; all from SHOP.COM:

A fitted blue or white jean jacket is perfect for summer nights & pairs nicely with a maxi dress:
Esprit Jean Jacket, $68 from ESPRIT Online; Eddie Bauer White Jean Jacket, $59 from SHOP.COM.

Pair the look with the essential boho sandal. No matter how much I love my California-girl flip-flops, the boho look calls for something more substantial (i.e. not flippy floppy): Shiek Barcelona, $35; Classified Pencil-C Sandal, $40; Shiek Hassan Sandal, $40; all from

Finish the look with some stand-out jewelry. Gold is the ultimate choice for boho jewelry. Bangles, large earrings and funky rings round out this style craving. Try the Devi Bangles Set in Gold, $79; Lily Flower Ring, $44; Jasmine Filigree Earrings, $69; and the Personalized Charm Bangle, $19-$34, all from Stella & Dot.

What I Want Now: Shades of Grey & Pink

After a long, hectic week of finishing with end-of-school-year issues and my growing Stella & Dot business, it’s time to chill out. And a color palette of soft, neutral, pale hues will do just the trick (along with a bubble bath and a good magazine, of course!). I’m coveting the combo of soft greys and pretty pinks, anchored with sturdy browns and chestnuts. It’s a look that whispers, but it still makes one hell of an impact.

Going head to toe pink and grey is quite simple and girlish. Having matching jewelry from Stella & Dot is a no brainer. Start with dangly earrings, either in matching pink or grey hues, or choose something dainty in silver. Keep the earrings rather simple and go bold with a funky necklace or bracelet instead.

Left to right: Silver Scroll Earrings, $29; Perfect Faceted Earrings, $38; Rose Quartz Cross Pendant, $98; Rosie Semiprecious Necklace, $59; Grey Pearl Soiree Bracelet, $29.


Grey denim is a great anchor for any wardrobe. Check out some great pieces for less than $60 at Esprit. They also have fabulous staples, such as this pink button up blouse with tiny floral print for $29.99, brown leather belts for just $39.50 and classic brown totes for less than $80. Get even more of a deal when you take 10% off your order at ESPRIT using this online Special.

Also check out for fabulous deals on cute tops and jeans that come in a wide range of sizes, lengths and fits. See the fab pair of grey jeans, below, for under $40. And hey, they also come in pink! Perfect, right?!?


These pieces (below) are so versatile and pretty. I can’t say it enough — grey and pink are a match made in Heaven. I love it! From left to right: Parker Ruffle Cami, $95; Juicy Couture Fringe Baby Doll, $350; VPL Breaker Dress, $275; Parker Button Down Blous, $$150; Felix Rey Mesi Ikat Clutch, $190; Thayer Split Back Blouse, $169; Click to save 30-70% on top designer brands on


Check out Jessica Simpson’s new line of heels. They are thrilling and fantastic, and so affordable too! Lots of her styles fall into this neutral grey or brown or pink thing that I’m so coveting at the moment. I don’t normally love her stuff, but this had me at “HEEL-O.” Ha. Shop the heels and don’t miss out on this sweet deal: $5 off any order of $50 or more at plus free shipping! Simply enter ‘BUY5’ at checkout to redeem.


Top 5 Jewelry Picks… From a Man's Perspective

I asked my boyfriend to play along in this, and to my surprise, he happily obliged. He sees my Stella & Dot jewelry nearly every day and has seen it set up on display many, many times, so I asked him… What are your 5 favorite pieces and why? Here are his answers, straight from a guy who never wears jewelry himself and plays in motor oil all day long:

1.) Happy Flowers Necklace — “Because it’s pretty, and for its versatility.” Shown left: Happy Flowers Necklace, $248; As seen in Lucky and Better Homes & Gardens; As seen on actress Ali Landry

2.) Bloom Flower Necklace paired with the Kelly Cuff in Turquoise — “This combination just seems really pretty and colorful. It would go nicely with a summer dress.” Shown above right: Bloom Flower Necklace, $59; As seen in Redbook and Better Homes & Gardens; Kelly Cuff, info below.

3.) Fire and Water Collection — “It’s colorful and versatile, plus it seems like it would work for women of all ages.” Shown right: Fire & Water Bracelets and Necklace, $39 each and $118

4.) Charlotte Rosary Necklace — “It’s a classic. So simple and you can wear it everyday — with anything. And it would look good on any skin tone.” (Pssst, he bought this for his mom for Mother’s Day).  Shown left: Charlotte Rosary Necklace, $79

5.) Kelly Cuff (all) — “When I think of Stella & Dot, this is what comes to mind. This is their signature piece — the flower, the ladybug. I just love this piece. It’s well made; it’s kinda fancy, but also casual. It’s my favorite.”  Shown below left: Kelly Cuff in Ivory/Turquoise, also comes in Ivory/Black and Blue/Yellow, $89; As seen in Your Prom, Redbook, Cosmo, Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes & Gardens.

He also wanted me to note that he likes the Colorburst Bangles, Bloom Flower Rings in Yellow and White, Selma Post Earrings and Gemma Long Wrap Necklace.  HA HA. And yes, I swear, these are his actual words…. No sarcastic tone, elbow nudging or crazy-eyes involved.

New Faves from Stella & Dot Jewelry

I stopped by to visit with fellow Stylist Sheri Marquardt today in Southern California, and she showed me these pieces (which I never really appreciated until now, I’ll be honest). They are officially my new faves in the Stella & Dot spring line. Who knew? I’m ordering them right now!

Sheri first showed me the Wind Chime Necklace paired with the Starfish Sterling Silver Necklace… SO CUTE… And so very beachy. It’s a perfect combo for our native sunny California! I normally don’t like mother of pearl and it often looks plastic and cheap — but not this one. How could I have underestimated Stella & Dot? It’s quite fabulous and adds instant glamour to any outfit.

And second, the Zoe Butterfly Necklace in blue and gold. How could I have even passed this up? It seemed a little young and girlie at first glance… But this necklace is much more sophisticated than it appears in the catalog. Silly little me…. And I thought I was becoming quite the seasoned Stylist. Tee hee. This is a precious piece to wear everyday, and for $29, you should get one for all your friends, too! (Also comes in pink and sterling silver).

What I Want Now: Lush Bath & Body!

While in San Francisco for my fabulous Stella & Dot leadership training this past weekend, I walked into the Lush store in Union Square, and I was OH SO pleasantly surprised!

Lush products are hand-made with fresh ingredients and the company is vegan and very eco-conscious. It has that “granola,” hippie vibe but in a good way. It was a little wild to see solid shampoo (it looks like bar soap) and face masks so fresh that they have to be refrigerated. It was so cool. It sounds elementary to just say it was “cool,” but I don’t know how else to describe it…. All I know is that Lush is my new favorite place to play, browse and shop! The staff is also laid-back, friendly, informative and helpful. And doesn’t that just make it even better?!? I walked out of there with the Dream Cream (feels awesome!), a bath bomb (fun!), a fresh face mask (direct from the fridge!) and a massage bar (the lickable one!).

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I slathereds the Dream Cream on right before getting on the plane and I loved how it kept me moisturized all day long. I’m a succker for face masks, and I loved this one. I used the honey-something to deep clean my pores. It totally worked!! You can only get this item in stores, though, since it can’t be shipped and it would spoil in transit (yep, it’s that fresh). The bath bomb is still in tact, and I have not plopped it into the bath yet. But I will let you all know how that fizzy ball works for me…. I have a feeling I’m going to love it, just like I love everything else. Next step: solid shampoo and the hand scrub. Can’t wait!

Click Below to Visit the LUSH Web Site!

Lush Skin Care Products


What I Want Now: Purple & Green

My favorite color is purple – just for its pure brilliance and downright sassiness. I’ve decided that I need to reclaim my passion for purple and seek out some pieces that will reign in my roots with the regal hue… Plus, it has been the color of royalty for centuries. Now, dahh-ling, go get my tiara and call me Princess!
 This seriously cute blouse from Newport News (above) began my this fixation on green and purple. And the flowers? GET OUT! Florals are huge — I mean WAY BIG, HUMONGOUSLY HUGE — this Spring, so I love that the top incorprates my latest fix with a stylish trend. And adding green is so superbly fantastic and unexpected. It makes me utterly giddy!

                                                        Old Navy Ruffle Front Cardigan    

Don’t forget to incorporate some neutrals into your brights as well (see the Victoria’s Secret model below). Khaki pants, dark blue jeans, a brown belt or a beige purse can tone down your rainbow hues, so you can go to the store, to the office or to dinner in style.

Colin Stuart Patent Wedges

Colin Stuart Patent Wedges

And there’s more (and more and more…) florals! I told you floral prints were BIG for Spring!

Victorias Secret Floral Top with Khaki Cargo Pants

Victoria's Secret Floral Top with Khaki Cargo Pants

Stella & Dot Perfect Faceted Earrings in Green Onyx

Stella & Dot Perfect Faceted Earrings in Green Onyx

Victorias Secret Cotton Floral Maxi Dress

Victoria's Secret Cotton Floral Maxi Dress

What I Want Now: Classic Americana

Right now, I’m craving some extra Americana in my wardrobe. And why not? Red, white and blue are such classic colors. A white DKNY cotton & chiffon cardigan is a perfect staple for any woman’s wardrobe. I certainly can not resist the extra frou frou either. It makes the sweater extra special.

DKNY Cotton Shrucken Cardigan with Chiffon

DKNY Cotton Shrunken Cardigan with Chiffon

Silver metallic ballet flats from Steve Madden seem a little wild, but trust me, they are subdued and very girly.

Steve Madden Kobraa Silver Flats

Steve Madden Kobraa Silver Flats

A good, sturdy bootcut jean looks great on everyone, and a dark wash is a must. A good one? Earnest Sewn Keaton Slight Boot Cut from ShopBop. They are slightly cheaper than buying directly from the company Web site. And the slight rips in the jean is a little rugged and looks so cool with the sweeter pieces.

Earnest Sewn Keaton Bootcut Jean

Earnest Sewn Keaton Bootcut Jean

Add some pizzazz to the otherwise sweet outfit with a pop of red. Extras pockets, zippers, and sturdy hardware on this Nine West “Strap Attack” bag, help add a playful, funky touch. (It also comes in a super cute, neutral grey color.)

Nine West Strap Attack Purse

Nine West "Strap Attack" Purse

Layer on these two pieces from Stella & Dot, and you could go just about anywhere…. in true, American style!

Stella & Dot Perfect Faceted Earrings in Rose Quartz

Stella & Dot Perfect Faceted Earrings in Rose Quartz

Stella & Dot Spade Charm Bracelet

Stella & Dot Spade Charm Bracelet