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How to Create a Complete Outfit in 3 Easy Steps

I am a believer that what you wear can have a huge impact on how you feel. Clothes can help you feel empowered, beautiful, sexy, feminine and confident. To harness the power of the outfit, I encourage you to focus on these three steps to creating a complete outfit, so it highlights your personality and your best physical assets — and helps you feel like a million bucks!

I’ve noticed that, unfortunately, most women don’t complete their outfit. They usually throw on a top with a bottom piece, slip on some shoes, and head out the door. This is really just completing the first steps. I beg you — as the beautiful, capable, unique person that you are — to learn how to create an entire outfit. And here’s why: You will stand out. You will feel confident and fabulous. And you will feel like yourself.

You won’t be just another ‘cookie cutter’ woman on the street, wearing the same uniform of jeans and tee, or skirt and blouse, right? Of course not! You want to feel and look like you.

So here are the three simple steps to creating a complete outfit:

1.) Always Start With a Foundation
Just like putting on makeup, building a house, or completing a math equation, you need to start with a good foundation. It’s impossible to move onto Steps 2 and 3 if you don’t first understand the fundamentals. So, the first step here is to determine if you have the fundamental clothing pieces in your existing wardrobe to build what I like to call a “foundational outfit.” These are pieces that you probably have in your wardrobe, and they are pieces that you have heard or read about — the “classics,” such as a quality blazer, a great pair of trousers, and a timeless wrap dress.

Shop your closet for these 10 Closet Staples that I believe every woman should own. Begin to take inventory of these items and see what’s already in your closet, and what you may need to purchase (immediately or over time). These 10 clothing pieces will be the starting point for the majority of your “foundational outfits.”

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 11.40.04 PM
Here’s a few examples of how you can put these items together for different occasions to create a “foundational outfit:”

Silk Blouse + Trousers = Interview
Silk Blouse + Pencil Skirt = Office Presentation
Pencil Skirt + T-shirt = Girls Night Out
T-Shirt + Trousers = Window Shopping
Skinny Jeans + Silk Blouse = Sunday Brunch
Skinny Jeans + T-shirt + Blazer = Date Night

The more items you have in your closet from this list (see it again here: 10 Closet Staples), the better off you are with creating a foundation of outfits in your wardrobe.

2.) Add Elements to Show Your Personality & Experiment With Trends
The next step in creating a complete outfit is what I call the “elements.” In reading the above outfit examples, you probably had a picture pop into your head. When you read the example, “Silk Blouse + Trousers = Interview,” you most likely had a complete picture in your head — you probably saw in your mind what kind of purse you were carrying, or what type of shoes you were wearing.

I feel that these “elements” are key to highlighting your personality and your style type. And it’s also where you streamline everything, so your outfit works for your body shape (so you look and feel your best, of course!).

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 12.19.52 AMThere are tons of tips and tricks regarding what to wear and how to dress for your body shape and personality, and I unfortunately can’t cover them all here. But during this step is when you execute what you know and what you’ve learned over the years (such as rolling up your jacket sleeve or pant leg, or half-tucking your t-shirt), and also when you show a glimpse of, well, you. Show who you are! Be proud of your sunny, friendly personality by wearing a yellow silk top or by carrying a poppy-orange handbag. Or maybe you want to rock some killer heels if you prefer a sexy, glam vibe. More examples of “elements” are shown below.
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.54.49 PM
As another example, let’s take the “Skinny Jeans + T-Shirt + Blazer” combo from the list above in Step 1. Let’s say your style and personality are laid back, classic and a little boho. You could add slip-on sneakers and stack your wrist with some bohemian beaded bracelets. Or perhaps you’re a little more edgy and rock & roll. You could choose a skull scarf and moto boots as your “elements.”

Also, this step is also where you incorporate any trends that you’d like to wear. If harem pants are your thing — then rock ’em, girl! Just pair them with a silk blouse, or with the t-shirt and blazer from Step 1 (see how this all comes together, here?), so it’s not costume-y, and still feels like you.

3.) Add Texture and Color
The last step is the fun part! You can experiment with different color combos or mix several accessories to complete your ensemble. I like to use at least two colors in every outfit (really, I prefer three).  Additionally, I encourage you to use accessories to really play up, and a few more that are opposite, the “elements” that you just added from Step 2.

For example, let’s say you’re the rock & roll gal from Step 2 (with the skull scarf and moto boots). I would encourage you to add color to your outfit and play off the rocker vibe, say, with a bold red lip, liquid eyeliner, and punky stud earrings in a fun color.

Here’s another example, shown below, using the basic outfit from Step 2 — the silk blouse and trouser combo.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 12.12.58 PMAfter that, the majority of your accessories should be more basic so you still look sleek and streamlined. Also, during these finishing touches, I challenge you to find a few accessories that might oppose the before-mentioned “elements.” To continue with our example, say you now have four “rocker” pieces (moto boots, skull scarf, red lips, stud earrings); now challenge yourself to juxtapose those elements with texture (lace, pearls, silk, satin) or with color (lavender, baby blue, pale yellow) that is opposite of that style type. You don’t want it to be too out of the box, because you still want to feel like yourself, but this a great way to play with opposites, have fun & be a little surprising, as you are now complete your fabulous outfit!


How to Accessorize For Your Summer Getaway

Whether you’re heading to the mountains, lake, city or beach, these summer essentials will help you look super cute and stylish on your next summer getaway.

1.) Lightweight Summer Scarf
It sounds like an oxymoron – summer scarf – but chilly air conditioned restaurants and breezy nights call for a light coverup. A scarf works great to keep off the chill, and also makes a great travel companion! Wear on the plane to keep warm, wrap around your waist as a sarong or bathing suit coverup, or roll it up and use it as a pillow on a long car ride. Tip: Summer scarves are more lightweight (think cotton or rayon, not cashmere) and come in bright, fun colors and prints.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.08.35 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.11.27 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.12.49 PM
Stella & Dot Scarves: Turquoise Ikat Scarf, on sale for just $41; Capri Cotton Scarf in Mosaic Tile Print, just $59; Citrine Watercolor Floral Scarf, just $59.

2.) Large Tote Bag
A no brainer for some, but it’s worth repeating: Get a larger travel bag for your getaway. Don’t use your expensive handbags or your work bag for your summer trip, it just doesn’t fit the bill. Choose something larger in size – which can go from plane to car to beach to shopping to dinner, and back again! – with several pockets, a sturdy material, and a pop of color or a fun print.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.18.45 PMCapriToteScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.23.03 PM
Stella & Dot Tote Bags: Perforated Avalon Market Tote in Red Geranium, $148; Capri Tote in Jeweled Zebra Print, $98; La Totale Large Tote Bag, $118 and comes in two prints. Note: the Avalon Tote and the La Totale Large Tote are both on sale for half price in the month of July with your $50+ order!


3.) Long Necklace
A longer, more streamlined necklace is a great vacation accessory because it “anchors” a lot of flowy tops and dresses, which are obviously popular during the summer! Whether you’re wearing your trusty white tee, a maxi dress or a gauzy blouse – this necklace will work! It’s universally flattering, for all style types and body shapes, and works with almost any outfit. Tip: If you tend to wear sold colors or more plain clothing, opt for a funky, quirky necklace. If you like to wear prints or colorblocking, choose a more streamlined necklace with simple lines.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.34.14 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.35.22 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.36.35 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.37.59 PM
Stella & Dot Necklaces: Kimberly Necklace, $89 (also comes in silver); Rebel Pendant Necklace (also comes in gold), $79; Sanibel Reversible Semi-Precious Stone Pendant, $79 (also comes in silver); Mallorca Pendant Necklace, on sale for just $67!

4.) Clutch
This is a great travel accessory that is often overlooked. A clutch can serve as your wallet or passport holder while traveling, and you can put it nicely into a larger travel tote (such as the before mentioned tote bags), which keeps you organized while you’re on the go. Just pop in your cell, lip gloss, money and room key and you’re off to dinner! Tip: Choose a bright color or pattern that will complement most outfits in your suitcase. If you wear prints, opt for a sold clutch, and if you wear a lot of solid colors, add some oomph with something fun and unexpected. If you’re bringing a scarf to keep warm, choose a clutch that will complement it nicely.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.43.02 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.44.59 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.46.55 PM
Stella & Dot Clutch Purses: Perforated Clutch in Yellow, $89 (also comes in red geranium); City Slim Clutch in Aztec Coral, $49; Avalon Bracelet Clutch in Cobalt Blue, $69 (also available in black).

5.) Jeweled or Metallic Sandals
Another great way to update your outfit and look instantly chic! Pair metallic sandals or jeweled wedges with your jeans and tee – add the necklace and the clutch – and you’re now ready for cocktails! One of the best ways to feel fabulous and a little bit fancy while on your trip, while still being comfy. Plus, it takes up very little space in your luggage! Tip: Use the Stella & Dot scarf bag (that the scarfs come in) as a shoe bag when you travel! You can fit two pairs of flip flops or sandals, or one pair of heels, in the bag. So easy and so cute!

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.57.41 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 5.02.12 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 5.01.29 PMScreen shot 2014-07-02 at 5.05.55 PM
Sperry Top-Sider Laina Wedge Sandal, $89; Sam Edelman Sloane Sandal, $99; Tory Burch Emerson Caged Wedge Heels, $295; C Wonder Jeweled Gladiator Sandal, on sale for $64!

 *     *     *

Need help packing for a trip or finding items for your next getaway? If you’re in the Southern CA area, Erin can help! Contact her for more info on packing and styling services or click here: // 949.395.2347

How to Wear Spring’s Hot Color: Yellow!

One of the hottest, and perhaps unexpected, colors for Spring 2014 is yellow. The canary color is bright, vibrant, fun and… a bit daunting. Not a lot of people know how to wear yellow. And I used to be one of them! I thought it wouldn’t look good with my complexion, or I felt that the bright hue would draw too much attention to me. But I’ve learned to LOVE it over the years. And now that we have an array of yellow clothing and accessory options this Spring, I’m coveting some new brights. Would you wear yellow? How would you wear it?

Wear a little or a lot… Here’s how…

Be bold with bright jewelry! Perk up any outfit with a pop of yellow in your jewelry. Sounds kind of funny, but don’t worry — It’s surprisingly versatile! Wear with a solid colored top (looks fab with teal, navy blue or burgandy) or pair with a stripe tee for spring!

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.03.54 PM Stella & Dot’s Norah Collection from Spring 2014 jewelry line

Add a canary or mustard item. Be bold and update your spring wardrobe with a bold shot of yellow. A solid blouse, pair of shorts or pleated skirt (psst, pleats are also a huge spring trend!) amp up any ensemble. Or tone down the bright hue with sweet pastel florals. Just one tip: Be sure to wear a neutral with your yellow. Denim, camel, khaki, navy or cream look great.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.22.15 PMScreen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.11.40 PMScreen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.15.23 PM
Anthropologie Spring ’14 Collection: Josalia Peplum Top; Patula Maxi Skirt; Mireia Blouse

Accessorize with bright, fun outfit-makers. The perfect way to update your look is to buy one or two fun accessories for spring. A citrine scarf or perforated leather clutch (by the way, perferation is another HUGE trend this season!) will freshen up your look, whether you’re on the soccer field or out to dinner with the hubs.
Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.27.06 PMScreen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.26.51 PM
Stella & Dot Spring 2014 Collection: Citrine Perforated Double Clutch; Citrine Yellow Scarf

Street Style: Real women show you how to wear this trend

yellow1 yellow2
yellow4 yellow5

10 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry is a go-to gift for many people during the holiday season and for good reason: it’s shiny, bright and sparkly. Exactly what every girl loves! But we have enough diamond heart pendants and sterling silver link bracelets…. So, this holiday, step out of the (jewelry) box and gift some unexpected–yet beautiful–gold, silver, hematite or rose gold pieces. No matter who the recipient–whether it’s mom, grandma, sister, best friend, girlfriend or wife–she will be delighted.

1.) Classic with a Twist
Tiffany Infinity Pendant in rose gold RUBEDO metal
This classic infinity pendant symbolizes unity, but the rose gold double chain makes it unique. And the little blue box that it comes makes it extra special. Perfect gift for: girlfriend, wife, sister
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 9.37.10 PM

2.) Personal and Delicate
Maya Brenner 14kt Gold LOVE Bracelet
Include her initials, or create any word up to 4 letters – comes in 14kt yellow, rose or white gold.
Perfect gift idea for: friend, sister
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 9.50.13 PM

3.) Say It With Charm
Stella & Dot Personalized Charm Necklace
Create your very own gift by choosing a sterling silver or Italian bronze gold initial, birthstone, symbol, or word that is sure to charm any recipient. Perfect gift for: Anyone! Mom, grandma, friend, sister, wife… you name it!
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 10.03.45 PM

4.) What’s Code for “Cool?”
Morse Code Silk Monogram Bracelet
Who uses morse code anymore? You do! Choose from 8 different colors and customize it with 1-, 2-, or 3-letters of your choice. Perfect to give to a newlywed with her new last name. Perfect gift idea for: Friend, sister
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 10.14.39 PM

5.) A Little Cheer for the Ear
Stella & Dot Serenity Stone Gemstone Earrings
Less than $50, colorful semi-precious stones, and 8 different colors & sizes. What more could you want?
Perfect gift idea for: mom, friend, sister, wife
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 10.24.34 PM

6.) Poppin’ Bottles, Figuratively
Kate Spade Pop Fizz Stud Earrings
12kt gold plated stud earrings are fun when they have the words “pop” and “fizz.” Pair with a bottle of champagne and you’ve got yourself a cheeky, unexpected gift! Perfect gift idea for: sister, friend, hostess
Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 10.39.50 PM

7.) A Little Lace Story
Stella & Dot Chantilly Lace Cuff & Earrings
These are best-sellers for a reason: jewelry designer Blythe Harris made a mold out of a piece of lace from her grandfather’s turn-of-the-century lace factory. She then made these beautiful jewelry pieces out of the lace mold. Who wouldn’t want some gilded lace from the 1900s? Perfect gift for: Anyone! Wife, mom, sister, friend.
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.16.57 AM

8.) Make A Statement
Stella & Dot Pegasus Necklace & Femme Fatale Necklace
Every woman wants a “wow” statement piece, but usually doesn’t treat herself. So give her a surprise treat under the tree this holiday season and wrap up a gorgeous, hand-woven, handmade statement necklace from Stella & Dot. Perfect gift for: wife, girlfriend, sister
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.22.25 AM

9.) Jewelry Worthy of Game Day
Cathryn Ann Designs Game Day Sports Team Tassel Bracelet
Ravens fan? Never miss a Celtics game? USC alum? Finally some team gear that’s totally cute! Wear your colors proudly with this adorable tassel bracelet. Psst, guys, this is a great way to include your clueless girlfriend in your sports lifestyle – just don’t forget to explain the rules without rolling eyes & keep a freshy in her hand at all times. Perfect gift for: girlfrend, friend, sports enthusiast
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.29.47 AM

10.) Start ‘Em Young
Stella & Dot Little Girls Jewelry Sets
Don’t forget some sparkly baubles for your granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, etc. A little sparkle on a pink chain, or a trio set of butterfly & heart earrings, would make any girl squeal with delight. Buy any 3 for $55.
Perfect gift for: granddaughter, niece, little girls
Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.35.56 AM

DIY Jewelry Storage

This post is from the fabulous, awesome blog If you haven’t checked it out yet, hop on over to her site for everything from style advice, recipes, DIY projects and organizing tips. You might lose track of time clicking around… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 12.06.02 AM
From teacup trinkets to cheese grater earring stands, we’ve shared several clever solutions for storing your accessories here on Today I wanted to share another DIY idea for stylish jewelry storage. Not only will this chic design keep your earrings organized in one place and display your favorite necklaces, it will also showcase your beautiful baubles in a decorative way. It’s an easy way to add some feminine flair to your walls, and it will keep your necklaces tangle-free too. Just think of your chains, and studs, and jewels as wearable works of art. Here’s the how-to…

Here’s what you will need:

  • mesh screen (available at hardware stores, where they will cut it to size for you)
  • wooden frame (thick enough to put knobs through)
  • decorative knobs
  • cordless electric drill
Operation Organize: DIY Jewelry Frame


  1. Begin by removing the back and glass from your frame.
  2. With a pencil, mark where you would like to place each knob. Use an electric drill to drill a hole for each knob.
  3. Screw your knobs in the frame.
  4. Fit your screen into the frame, trimming the edges more if necessary.
  5. Fill with jewelry and hang on your wall or prop atop your dresser or vanity.

    Operation Organize: DIY Jewelry Frame

    Check out the original post at

Top Accessory Trends for Fall 2013

This fall, color is bright and bold, and it’s all about mixing textures & styles. The season’s trends can easily transition from day to evening, and any one can wear a few trends at a time without looking costume-y. Check out the top 5 trends and how to wear them right now and into winter.

Trend #1: Cobalt
Neon ruled the summer, but this season, blue is at its best. From deep navy to cobalt, this hue is making a big splash. You can find this hue in every store, from Forever 21 to Banana Republic, and you can easily wear it to work and to football practice.

How to Wear Blue for Fall & Winter:
* First, determine what style you are and how you can most likely fit this into your wardrobe. If you like classic lines, go with a bright blue v-neck sweater, pencil skirt, suede pumps or button-up shirt. If you want to add in a little spunk and jazz up your wardrobe, then be bold with a navy leather jacket, or add a pop with a pretty scarf trimmed in the fun, bright, trendy color.

Erin’s Style Notes:
Keep in mind that this color isn’t as obnoxious or attention-grabbing as other hues. Bright blue can be very sleek, clean and “almost” neutral. Blue is a universal color and most people wear blue jeans every day, so our eye is accustomed to seeing this shade. Don’t be afraid of a bright blue sheath dress or a cobalt coat, for example. Both will stand the test of time and will still be “on-trend” years to come.

Trend #2: Animal Prints
From leopard to snakeskin, animal prints are fall’s favorite wild card. Both exotic and neutral, they add sophistication to feminine silhouettes. And the thing about animal is this: Wear a little or a lot. It can be subtle or funky. And that’s all determined by how you wear the trend.

How to Add Leopard to Your Wardrobe:
* If you don’t already have leopard – or if you have just a piece or two – start small & start with accessories. Try a ballet flat, belt, wallet, or scarf in the print.
* Stick with one leopard print item at a time & work your way up to two prints (if you’re feeling bold & adventurous)
* Love this print? Try a sexy animal print dress or a snakeskin jean. Try Old Navy for affordable, trendy options.
* Look for animal print lining in a jacket or blazer, or on a collar. Also, check for animal print piping. The

Erin’s Style Notes:
Boden USA has some adorable (and very affordable!) leopard print flats and belts right now. I personally love leopard print because it incorporates both black and brown. A lot of people think they can’t wear black and brown at the same time. If you feel this way, try a leopard print accessory to bring in both tones. Black pants with a leopard shoe or belt allows you to wear any other accessory color you wish. Red bag? Sure! Brown sunnies? Yes please. Green cardigan? That wold look great.

And snakeskin is usually very subdued in color and can act as a neutral in your outfit. A snakeskin print that’s colorful is super trendy and may become outdated quickly. Try a neutral tone, such as The Switch Tote Bag from Stella & Dot.

Trend #3: Texture
Fall 2013 runways featured opulent details and exciting textures, such as sumptuous leather layered with metallic embellishments in every hue, tweed, brocade and beautiful stitching. Leather jackets are THE item of the season, and paired with a nubby knit sweater, it’s perfectly fall appropriate. Wear a woven necklace with your LBD or work sheath for a hint of textural drama.

How to Add Texture to Your Outfit:
* Start by adding two different textural elements to your ensemble, such as…  Lace, leather, silk or satin, denim, rope, knitwear or woven materials.
* This is a great way to wear a monochromatic outfit or wear similar shade (i.e. neutral beige or all black)

Erin’s Style Notes:
In the image above, the model is wearing a great black leather jacket with a cotton tee and denim jeans. Simple enough, right? Yes, but it’s simplicity is turned up a notch because it features several textures. Add on a funky necklace, and it finishes the look.

In the image below, the model is wearing a great neutral outfit. But let’s look at why it works: beige knit sweater, light blue jeans and a metallic leather-like bag combine the same color family, but mixes in completely different textures. Doing this adds great dimension to her outfit. It will never look “flat.”

Trend #4: High Shine
Forget subtle—take center stage when combining neutrals with shine. Add a metallic bag or shimmering jewelry to amp up your star power without being too over-the-top. A fun metallic skirt, silver heel or sparkly wristlet are all great ways to incorporate this trend.

How to Shine Up Your Wardrobe:
* Jewelry! This is an obvious choice, but a sparkly pair of earrings is the best way to add shine to your outfit.
* Metallic stitching in a sweater or hat can also add that subtle hint of gleam.
* Metallic anything – it’s all good. Belts, shoes, even nail polish. Add no more than two at a time, and don’t worry if they don’t match exactly. I would just stay away from anything too bright. If Liberace would wear, it may be too much.

Erin’s Style Note:
This trend is the easiest, in my opinion, because there are so many great metallic accessories and clothing options for an affordable price. Plus, metallics are pretty middle-of-the-road neutral. No matter your age, size, job, etc… It will work for you.

An easy way to wear two different metallics at one time? Mixed metal jewelry. Just like the texture trend, this adds a lot of dimension to an outfit without much work. Stella & Dot’s Zoe Lariat Necklace or Kahlo Bib Necklace feature 4 different metals. Or try the Raina Chandelier Earrings for a great, subtle sparkle & you have the option to wear either rose gold, silver or yellow gold.

Trend #5: Stack it on
When it comes to rings and bracelets, more is more! Drape jewels from delicate to bold or stack mixed metals on your fingers and wrists to show your personality and style. Rose gold, silver, hematite… Or all of the above! Mix and match metals, sizes and styles for a look all your own.

How to Stack It On:
* Start by choosing pieces that have a similar tone and size, such as the silver & black bracelets in the example above.
* Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Silver, rose gold, yellow, hematite – they all look great worn together!
* Experiment with texture – wear wood beads with metal bangles, or shiny rings with subdued gemstones.

Erin’s Style Notes:
I love a bright accessory or pop of color and this is the perfect way to do it! Add a turquoise ring to your existing ring stack, or wear Stella & Dot’s beautiful Zinnia Bracelet with a gold, structured cuff, or a bright leather bracelet with neutral boho beads.

Also, a great way to mix in metals is to add in one or two new items with what you already have. Consider adding the multi-metal Luna Wrap Bracelet (which can also be worn as a necklace!) with your everyday watch, or add on the Wanderlust Wrap Bracelet to your outfit.

How to Wear Tangerine For Fall – Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year

So if you’re anything like me, you sort of don’t know about tangerine. This color of the rainbow hasn’t been a huge part of your wardrobe, like, ever. But this sunny shade surprisingly looks great on most skin tones (it’s the muted mustard seed and cinnamon shades that are tricky to wear). Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s 2012 color of the year, has been all the rage. Sephora even offered a seasonal cosmetic line featuring the bright orange hue.

Like most of us, if you are hesitant to jump into a bright orange suit for work, don’t you worry. Wear a little bit at a time and see if tangerine suits you — your skin tone, your personality, your age, your style, etc. Here are my tips to wearing this fun color into Fall, for both work and play.

Erin’s Style Tip: Start slow if needed. Try out the trend with some tangerine accessories, such as a belt, a colorful sandal or a bright bangle or pair of earrings. Or hey, throw on some bright orange polish on your toes and see how you like that. Just try it, already.

Left to Right / Top to Bottom: Orange Linea Pelle Braided Stretch Waist Belt from Neiman Marcus; Malinda Neon Orange T-Strap Sandal from Vince Camuto; Orange Lindsay Enamel Bangle Bracelet and coral Capri Chandelier Earrings, both from Stella & Dot Jewelry; Sephora + Pantone Limited Edition Nail Polish at Sephora; LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Striped Tote from Zappos.

Erin’s Style Tip: Be Bold. Be Daring. Are you ready to rock Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year? Slip into some Tangerine Tango and be the life of the party. This color is not for the faint of heart, so if you’re a Leo or Aries, a natural comedian, a high powered exec – or if you’ve simply had a shot of tequila and are just happy and carefree – by all means, rock an orange dress, bib necklace or sky high heel, baby!

Left to Right / Top to Bottom: Editor Ankle Pant from Express; Culture Fit ‘Tess’ Tie Dress from Zappos; Olivia Bib Necklace from Stella & Dot jewelry; Aldo ‘Lindall’ High Heel Pump from Nordstrom; Orange Accordian Pleat Skirt from Banana Republic; Bailey 44 Dingo Dress from Revolve Clothing.

Arm Candy: How to Stack Your Bracelets

Bracelets, baubles and bangles are all the rage right now, and a stacked wrist is the ultimate cool-girl way to accessorize. Stack up your arm candy by layering different bracelets and bangles together for a mix & match look that’s all your own. Here’s how to do it:

Keep in mind the following when choosing your stacking bracelets combo:
– Color
– Metal
– Style
– Size
– Texture

1.) Unexpected style + similar color = Feminine yet edgy bracelet combo

My friend Jenny’s light pink leopard print dress is feminine, with a one shoulder ruffle and short hemline. She paired it with equally feminine heels. But Jenny is a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, so she expressed her inner rocker chick with some edgy bracelets in the same color combo as her dress. She kept it feminine with the Rhea Bangles in rose gold, but she added an unexpected edge with the dark Hematite Cupchain Bracelet and the rose gold Copper Chain Bracelet, all from Stella & Dot. The combo really pulls together the feminine fluidity of the dress and the edgy leopard vibe. What do you think? (Her ring is the funky, rose gold Sidewinder Ring from Stella & Dot. Don’t you love it?)

2.) Mixed metals + texture = Edgy, boho stacked wrist

This is one of my favorite combos. I took this picture on my way to a Young The Giant concert, so I had to pull in my inner rocker goddess. I paired my own thin gold bangles with the Artemis Cuff, the Revival Bracelet and the Prosper Bracelet from Stella & Dot. The different textures (studs, wood, sparkles, delicate gold) makes this look unique and all my own. And the mix & match of the metals pulls it all together.

3.) Same metals + different sizes + fun colors = Glam, colorful arm candy

This stacked look screams summer. I can just see myself jingling these bracelets as I walk along the beach in a flowy maxi dress or short summer shorts. The key to this look is sticking with the same metal palette and mixing in fun colors (here we have coral, turquoise and bright white). Add an unexpected larger bangle for some sass and you’ll be good to go. This look includes the Carrie Bangles, two pairs of the gold Devi Bangles, and the Paige Enamel Bangle, all from Stella & Dot.

4.) Same metals + similar size + same style = A bold statement on your wrist

I especially love this pic from Stylist Jennifer Storey because she incorporates her own watch in the mix. This is a great way to show how to stack bracelets with an existing watch in your jewelry wardrobe. She is wearing her own gold Fossil watch with the gold Renegade Bracelet, Luxor Bracelet and gold Bardot Sprial Bangle, all from Stella & Dot jewelry.

How To Wear: The Amalfi Collection from Stella & Dot

This style article was originally posted on the Stella & Dot corporate style blog, seen HERE.

One of the most talked about collections in our new spring line is the Amalfi Collection. Inspired by the sun-drenched colors and sophisticated classic-chic style of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Collection is a nod to style icon, Jackie O. Our design team gathered inspiration from the vision of her walking down the streets of Capri wearing classic, tailored clothing and wanted to created fun, bold accessories to match her style!

Fast forward to today, and we’re offering a few fun ways to wear the collection, pairing up with some of spring’s hottest runway trends and of course Jackie O’s tailored, classic style.

Casual Friday:
White was a major theme on the runway for spring and our Serenity necklace is the perfect piece to wear with this trend. Sport the necklace with a bright blue or green top and finish the look with our Bardot bangle (gold) for the perfect, casual spring ensemble.

Weekender: Our Bianca Tassel necklace is a bold, playful piece that really shines when when worn with a basic dress and strappy wedges. Keep it simple up top with our Essential Ball studs (gold) and then round out this flirty look with the Renegade Cluster ring & La Coco clutch (black).

Date Night: As our Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris recently said, one of spring’s “it colors” is tangerine, and we’re loving the way this color pops when paired with our true-blue jewels. Try this trend in an evening look by layering the Millie necklace & Libby layering necklace (gold) over a bright shift dress & pairing with the Serenity small stone drops (lapis) for the ultimate statement.

How To Wear: Urban Splendor Collection

This blog post was originally from the Stella & Dot corporate Stylewatch blog, seen HERE.

Chock-full of texture and fringe, the Urban Splendor Collection is an array of must-have everyday pieces, perfect for the eclectic cosmopolitan in us all. This collection pulls inspiration from the mixed metal trend, combining rose gold, hematite, silver and gold in several easy-to-wear creations.

The Urban Splendor Collection from Stella & Dot is neutral and versatile, and the perfect way to spice up your casual, everday looks. Catch a preview of the collection and see below for some fun, inventive ways to wear!

At the Office:
Our Stevie necklace is a great way to show off the fringe trend, simply wear it over a button down top in a bright hue and pair with a professional pencil skirt for an office-friendly look. Round out your accessories by stacking the Sole & Moondance stretch bracelets!

Date Night: 
Headed out for a special night on the town? Go bold from top to bottom with our Sierra necklace, an exotic print dress with platform wedges and our sassy Aurora cocktail ring. You will be sure to turn heads with this duo of statement pieces.

Keep it casual for the weekend with a cozy sweater, decorated with our uber-versatile Zoe Lariat necklace, Cupchain bracelet and Hematite studs. And what better way be fashionable and hands-free than with our leather cross-over Waverly three way bag, now available in Dove!

How To Wear: The Amalfi Collection

The post was originally from the Stella & Dot corporate web site in the Stylewatch section, seen here.

One of the most talked about collections in our new spring line is the Amalfi Collection. Inspired by the sun-drenched colors and sophisticated classic-chic style of the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Collection is a nod to style icon, Jackie O. Our design team gathered inspiration from the vision of her walking down the streets of Capri wearing classic, tailored clothing and wanted to created fun, bold accessories to match her style!

Fast forward to today, and we’re offering a few fun ways to wear the collection, pairing up with some of spring’s hottest runway trends and of course Jackie O’s tailored, classic style.

Casual Friday:
White was a major theme on the runway for spring and our Serenity necklace is the perfect piece to wear with this trend. Sport the necklace with a bright blue or green top and finish the look with our Bardot bangle (gold) for the perfect, casual spring ensemble.

Our Bianca Tassel necklace is a bold, playful piece that really shines when when worn with a basic dress and strappy wedges. Keep it simple up top with our Essential Ball studs (gold) and then round out this flirty look with the Renegade Cluster Ring & La Coco clutch (black).

Date Night: 
As our Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris recently said, one of spring’s “it colors” is tangerine, and we’re loving the way this color pops when paired with our true-blue jewels. Try this trend in an evening look by layering the Millie necklace & Libby layering necklace (gold) over a bright shift dress & pairing with the Serenity small stone drops (lapis) for the ultimate statement.

How To Update Your Wardrobe for Holiday 2011

Stella & Dot’s Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris shares her style tips to update your wardrobe for this year’s festive holiday season. Who says you can’t wear your cocktail dress two years in a row? Update your look on a budget by incorporating bold color, playing with accessories and experimenting with texture. Blythe’s tips will have you looking glamorous and festive in no time!

1.) Add Bold Color
– Red is a hot color this holiday season and the bold festive color looks terrific with ivory pearls. Try the Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace and the gold Devi Bangles from Stella & Dot. Bright cobalt blue, purple and teal are also popular colors for holiday 2011. The key to wearing bright colors is to pair them with a neutral — dark jeans, black, brown or khaki — and add an equally interesting and a fun accessory. The Pegasus Necklace is featured in the video, above, and is surprisingly versatile, lightweight and easy to wear.

2.) It’s All Accessorizing – Update last year’s dress (or, heck, even your dress from five years ago!) with fun accessories. Colorful heels or a hot caged booty are both on-trend and super fun. Add a belt, scarf, or an armful of bangles and wrap bracelets to change the vibe of any outfit. You can turn any black dress into a glam outfit with the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace from Stella & Dot. Or go for a rocker-chic look with the Femme Fatale Necklace. Just have fun with it!

3.) Incorporate Texture – Texture is huge this season, from tweedy collarless jackets to corduroy skinnies to the color-blocked suede heels that are all over the malls right now. Choose one of two textures to experiment with, and don’t be afraid to mix something tough with something soft, such as silk with leather, or suede with modal cotton or jersey. You can also add texture in with your accessories: Try the Chantilly Lace Cuff or the Pegasus Necklace from Stella & Dot.

How To Wear Fall’s Hottest Colors

The “it” colors of the season are unmistakenly grey and army green. But the bright hues of fall — magenta, plum, bright blue and kelly green — are also back in a big way. The bright colors took on an eighties vibe for spring, and thank God it didn’t last, because the current color palette includes fun, happy colors that remind me of finger painting on my Kindergarten easel.  Below are the top color trends for fall, from I add my two-cents and offer suggestions on how you can incorporate these color trends into your everyday wardrobe.

InStyle Says: Bright cobalt blue was a runway favorite, and, as seen at Burberry Prorsum and on Kerry Washington, it really pops when paired with basic black.

Erin’s Tip: Blue is always a flattering shade, no matter your skin tone age or lifestyle. This season’s cobalt blue is seen on peacoats, dresses and accessories. And keep your classics: Navy is still a terrific neutral shade. Add some funk to your style by pairing your bright blues with steely greys and graphic black & white prints. Blue really pops against black, especially patent leather accesories. If you have a bold blue shirt or jacket, neutralize your outfit with black mary janes, grey skinny jeans or neutral accessories. And if you want to add some pizzazz to your already basic ensemble, make it pop with cobalt blue heels or a fun clutch for evening.

Above: Actress Kerry Washington and a Burberry Prorsum runway look; Claire Necklace from Stella & Dot, $49; Bullhead Super Skinny Jeans fromPacSun, $45; Candies Yunnis Peep-Toe Platform Heel from Kohls, $55.

InStyle Says: Glittering gold is the it metallic this fall, but skintight styles like Jennifer Lopez‘s are better left to a Saturday night cocktail party. Michael Kors created a slightly more subtle version, suitable for a 9AM business meeting. The best part of this trend? No jewelry required!

Erin’s Tip: Gold is an increasingly popular metallic. And it’s surprisingly neutral when worn in subtle ways. Pile on the gold jewels for an instant update — popular jewelry trends for fall include braided chains and beads for a rocker girl vibe, and delicate pieces with rhinestones and pearls to achieve the coveted “vintage glam” style that’s so hot this season. If you aren’t a gold person, start out small and  try a sparkly brooch or fun gold ring. And if you want to go all-out glam like J. Lo., above, then throw on a fabulous gold dress with one fun accessory (see the gold link bracelet she’s wearing in the pic).

Above: Jennifer Lopez and a Michael Kors runway look; Soiree Pave Ball Earrings from Stella & Dot, $39; Belle Fleur Ring in Gold from Stella & Dot, $49; ABS by Allen Schwartz Gold Metallic Dress from Bluefly, $228.

InStyle Says: Purple can be positively regal, but it’s also a perfectly pretty color for a party, as America Ferrera (in Brian Reyes) is aware. Phillip Lim‘s asymmetrical sequined dress makes an even bolder statement; take a cue from these two looks and ground your ensemble with simple black accessories.

Erin’s Tip: I love this color because, 1.) it’s my favorite hue of all time and 2.) it works on everyone. Purple goes well with any skin tone, hair color and eye color and anyone can wear it, whether you’re 16 or 60 years old. A purple dress like America’s, above, is a real show stopper, but if you want something more subtle, try a purple suede pump or even violet nail polish. Berry-hued accessories add a posh statement to a plum blouse during early fall months and can add some glamour to a corduroy jacket for when the weather begins to get colder.

Above: Actress America Ferrera and a Philip Lim runway look; Nine West Easycool Heels from Zappos, $90; Chloe Necklace from Stella & Dot, $49; Silk Tie Racerback Top from Banana Republic, $70.

Instyle Says: Classic camel goes way beyond coats this season. Try the shade in a demure slipdress, like Ashley Greene or in monochromatic separates, as seen at Chloe. (Add a skinny belt in a contrasting color if you want to break it up.)

Erin’s Tips: This color can be intimidating to wear. Afterall, your lunch could leave a beautiful mark on your beige slacks or a head-to-toe ensemble may leave you looking sallow. Pair fun jewelry with your camel-colored look to add some dimension and shine. And be sure to increase the cosmetic application — a full face is needed, especially when you wear camel near your face. Stick with pretty neutral colors, such as pinks and bronzes and you’ll look radiant and glowing. And don’t forget the essential every woman should have: nude, leg-lengthening heels.

Above: Actress Ashley Greene and beautiful Chloe runway look; Charlotte Charm Necklace from Stella & Dot, $49; French Connection January Platform Heel from Asos, $168;  Satin Cowl Neck Blouse from Ann Taylor, $78.

InStyle Says: Sheer black can be suggestive without being salacious, as evidenced by Zoe Saldana‘s lacy number. Netting and mesh, as seen at Stella McCartney are sexiest when they still leave something to the imagination.

Erin’s Tip: I like this trend when worn all black, from head to toe. A sheer black, ong sleeved blouse looks gorgeous over a pretty black lace bra and a pencil skirt for evening. Also popular are the sheer lace tanks — pair it with black shorts and patent pumps for a fun “night on the town” vibe. Or go a little more rocker chic with slashed skinny jeans and a lace-y top. This look is best for evening (unless your office doesn’t mind some serious skin), so have fun with it and add a subtle pop of color when you can, like Zoe’s fabulous red lips, above.

Above: Avatare star Zoe Saldana and a Stella McCartney runway look; Madewell Dana Lace Yoke Top from ShopBop, $95; Lace Inset Tunic from Arden B, $60; Lace Yoke Embellished Tank from Express, $40.

InStyle Says:  A variety of jewel tones are in for Fall, but it’s deep emerald green that best says ladylike-chic. To wear this trend, play with a variety of textures, like Oscar de la Renta did, or opt for a prim dress in an equally demure fabric like Kristin Davis.

Erin’s Tips: Another favorite color of mine, green is an amazing color for fall. Just be sure you don’t wear it head-to-toe, unless you want your style skills to seem, um, green. A green sweater is classic in a cashmere wool blend and hints of green in jewelry or in a tweed fabric looks beautiful. If you want to go full-throttle with a green dress, try one in silk or wool. Taffeta or too many ruffles are reminiscent of your Christmas photo from 1990. And a pretty emerald, jade or forest green is a wonderful alternative for your toenails this season.

Above: Kristin Davis and an Oscar de la Renta runway look; LaCoco Rosary Bead Necklace from Stella & Dot, $44; Saveena Flower Ring from Stella & Dot, $49; Diesel Women’s Miniskirt from, $123.

InStyle Says: Fiery in nature, red is a standout color—and should be worn when you want to be noticed, like Penelope Cruz. But what we love is the idea of a bold red statement pant, like Maison Martin Margiela elegantly executed, paired with softer reds or neutrals for a seriously stylish look.

Erin’s Tip: Red is always a power color and for good reason — it gets you noticed. Look for a well-fitted red pencil skirt this season and pair it with a printed, tie-neck blouse and retro peep-toe heels for a look that screams Joan Halloway. Red lips also go the distance, although be careful with the crimson lipstick in the office. Red nails are classic and red shoes, whether high heels, kitten heels or ballet flats, are always a “do.” When wearing all-out scarlet, like Penelope, above, only stick to neutral accessories and makeup — beige, camel or a slight metallic with a nude lip — or up to two black accessories — a black belt and patent pumps for example.

Above: Penelope Cruz and a Maison Martin Margiela runway look; Crepe Pencil Skirt from White House Black Market, $; Ladybug Stud Earrings from Stella & Dot, $24; Sm Heaven Patent Flat from DSW, $40.

How to Be a Stylish Mom

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I thought this ode to stylish mommies was very appropriate. I hope moms everywhere have a terrific day!
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!  See the original blog post on

How to Be a Stylish Mom

5 tips for PTA and playground chic

When you become a mom, a lot of stuff falls by the wayside. Sleep and solitude might seem like distant memories, but style doesn’t have to join them.  Here are 5 tips to help you be the most chic mama at the PTA or playground.

1.) Always wear at least one thing from before your mom days
Sure you’re more exhausted and distracted than you’ve probably ever been, but take the extra second to put on something from the pre-kid days. Chances are you were thinking a little more about fashion and appearance back then, and taking a trip down your closet’s memory lane will give you back some of your pep and girl-power. Just like your dresser drawers, you’ve still got it in you!

2.) Take fashion tips from your kids
One fashionable mom we know wears her 11-year-old daughter’s sneakers (pastel plaid Chuck Taylors, no less!); another gets her daughter’s input whenever she goes shopping. These moms clearly know what’s what. Let’s face it: most Junior High kids have already passed us by stylistically, so we should learn all we can from them. And what better way to bond with your daughter than to let her know you love her style?

3.) You can always accessorize, even in maternity wear
So you’re wearing all-things elastic and feeling like a manatee in a tutu — not exactly a recipe for style, right? But even maternity can be the perfect occasion to bust out your favorite dangling earrings or glittering necklaces. Bracelets or cuffs, bold lipstick, indulgent scarves, and sparkly anything can turn even a monochrome muu muu into something flattering. And don’t forget: Pregnancy, child birth, and Mothers’ Day are all good reasons to request new additions to the jewelry box. You know you’ve earned it!

And don’t forget: pregnancy, child birth, and Mothers’ Day are all good reasons to request new additions to the jewelry box (get some inspiration from our friends at Stella and Dot and sign up to win one of 5 free Mom charm necklaces!). You know you’ve earned it!

4.) Don’t forget you’re sexy
We all know that a large portion of sex appeal comes from attitude; what’s easy to forget (especially if it’s been a while since you sashayed your stuff), is how much you can decide to be sexy. It’s true: Even if you’re faking them, a confident stride, a beaming smile, positive thinking, and a little chutzpah will transform your whole aura — and your outfit. Remember how you used to rock the jeans and t-shirt? Put them on again — or whatever ones you’re wearing these days — and rock them now!

5.) Use your baby, kid, stroller, dog, and husband as accessories
Keep in mind that you’re not the only one you can dress up; there’s no reason not to trick out your pram or your man to give your look a boost. And baby clothes? We all know how fun it can be to shop for a fashion-forward infant or toddler. Sure Baby Vogue can get pricey, but clever moms shop for less. Check out Babble’s list of the best sample sale sites for moms. You’ll have your own budget Suri in no time.