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Health Magazine Suggests Stella & Dot as the Perfect Holiday Gift Under $25


Remember those friendship lanyards, key chains and bracelets you had as a kid? Haven’t you sort of missed those? Well, forget the puzzle piece necklace and yarn-tied bracelets, because boutique-style accessories line Stella & Dot has debuted a beautiful adult-version of the Friendship Bracelet. They’re so cute and affordable, in fact, that Health Magazine just featured the adjustable bracelets in their December 2012 issue with Bethenny Frankel on the cover.

The bracelets come in three colors & meanings — Less than $20!
Courage — “From caring comes strength.”Love — “The richness in life is in love.”
Light — “Sparkle from the light within.”

These friendship bracelets are the perfect for holiday!
* Gift for girl scout troop leader, teacher, babysitter, etc.
* Secret santa gift or something special for your fave co-worker
* Stocking stuffer for your daughter
* Gift topper for your BFF

Buy the Stella & Dot Friendship Ties HERE.

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