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What I Want Now: Straw Accessories

I remember fondly this straw bag I carried all summer in the 8th grade. I took it to the pool, the lake, the mall. I thought it was incredibly cute, but really, it was just a $5 tote that fell apart after two months. And that wasn’t cute. Each spring and summer, more straw accessories hit the stores, but I haven’t picked one up since my beloved summer tote bag became mangled and broken that summer of 1998.

Well, to my surprise, I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing over a lovely Michael Kors Wicker Clutch purse during a recent trip to Nordstrom. And so my obsession with straw begins again. The material’s come a long way since eight grade, featuring metallic thread, cute embellishments and softer textures. In fact, straw accessories are even great for evening! Who would have predicted that I’d fall back in love with this strange material? Well, perhaps my 13-year-old self would have predicted that precisely 13 years later I would. Perhaps it’s the thirteen year itch? Oh wait, that’s just my straw tote itching my arm….

Left to right: Poppie Jones Straw Clutch, $30, from DSW; Straw Fedora, $49, from Juicy Couture; Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Straw Satchel, $128, from; Straw Clutch with Tab, $30, from TopShop; Michael Michael Kors Straw Belts, $69, Lord and Taylor;  Nine West Hey Jute Handbag, $69, from Macy’s; Volatile Pina Colada Straw & Canvas Wedge, $54, from Swell; Volcom Buena Bolsa Straw Tote Bag, $40, from

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