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Jewelry to Fit Plus-Sized Women

One of my subscribers, Barbara, sent me this question and I have been wanting to address it for quite some time now. This is a common issue among large-wristed women or plus-size women. Read on for my style tips!

Q: “I have been looking for cute, stylish jewelry but I can never seem to find anything that fits my wrists! It’s extremely frustrating because I don’t want to be stuck wearing something that’s frumpy or boring! I’m a plus-size woman who works full-time. I like to wear colorful jewelry to the office and need some help finding something to suit my size. Any advice?” — Barbara

A: Girl, I hear ya! While most bracelets are made for small to medium wrists, there are some options that can work for you. Read on…..

Extenders also a extremely helpful if you have alrge wrists. Stella & Dot offers bracelet extenders for several bracelet styles. The Vintage Stella Link Bracelet has the Large Signature Extender and the Grace Pearl Bracelet has the regular  Signature Extender (shown right).  Bracelet extenders are also available for the La Coco bracelet and necklace styles.

Bracelets with stretch are also a good option. The Soiree Bracelets are extremely popular, very affordable and come in nine different colors. The Sofia Cluster Bracelet features hundreds of hand-wrapped freshwater pearls and glass beads on a stetchable bracelet. Also check out the Bardot Spiral Bangle, which is almost like a Slinky and wraps around your wrist, no matter what size it is.

When it comes to bangles, most are made for small to medium wrists. However, Stella & Dot offers a stretchable bangle bracelet that disconnects in three places, making it ideal for women with larger than average wrists. The Geometric Stretch Bangle is shiny black and the Medallion Stretch Bracelet is a deep brown wood with a green medallion accent. Also check out the large bangle bracelets with a magnetic closure, such as the Selma Brooch Cuff (as seen on Jillian Harris of The Bachelorette!) and the Turquoise Colorburst Bangle, which fit nicely over large wrists (shown right).

Another hip option is to use a necklace as a bracelet. It’s a fun trend right now, and Stella & Dot offers several jewelry options that do double duty. Try the Silk Bases with a couple personal charms for a colorful look, the Costa Azul Wrap Bracelet is a little more earthy (shown left), and the Adrienne Mixed Chain or the Joesphine Lariat can easily be tied on to the wrist.


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