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How to Be a Stylish Mom

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I thought this ode to stylish mommies was very appropriate. I hope moms everywhere have a terrific day!
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How to Be a Stylish Mom

5 tips for PTA and playground chic

When you become a mom, a lot of stuff falls by the wayside. Sleep and solitude might seem like distant memories, but style doesn’t have to join them.  Here are 5 tips to help you be the most chic mama at the PTA or playground.

1.) Always wear at least one thing from before your mom days
Sure you’re more exhausted and distracted than you’ve probably ever been, but take the extra second to put on something from the pre-kid days. Chances are you were thinking a little more about fashion and appearance back then, and taking a trip down your closet’s memory lane will give you back some of your pep and girl-power. Just like your dresser drawers, you’ve still got it in you!

2.) Take fashion tips from your kids
One fashionable mom we know wears her 11-year-old daughter’s sneakers (pastel plaid Chuck Taylors, no less!); another gets her daughter’s input whenever she goes shopping. These moms clearly know what’s what. Let’s face it: most Junior High kids have already passed us by stylistically, so we should learn all we can from them. And what better way to bond with your daughter than to let her know you love her style?

3.) You can always accessorize, even in maternity wear
So you’re wearing all-things elastic and feeling like a manatee in a tutu — not exactly a recipe for style, right? But even maternity can be the perfect occasion to bust out your favorite dangling earrings or glittering necklaces. Bracelets or cuffs, bold lipstick, indulgent scarves, and sparkly anything can turn even a monochrome muu muu into something flattering. And don’t forget: Pregnancy, child birth, and Mothers’ Day are all good reasons to request new additions to the jewelry box. You know you’ve earned it!

And don’t forget: pregnancy, child birth, and Mothers’ Day are all good reasons to request new additions to the jewelry box (get some inspiration from our friends at Stella and Dot and sign up to win one of 5 free Mom charm necklaces!). You know you’ve earned it!

4.) Don’t forget you’re sexy
We all know that a large portion of sex appeal comes from attitude; what’s easy to forget (especially if it’s been a while since you sashayed your stuff), is how much you can decide to be sexy. It’s true: Even if you’re faking them, a confident stride, a beaming smile, positive thinking, and a little chutzpah will transform your whole aura — and your outfit. Remember how you used to rock the jeans and t-shirt? Put them on again — or whatever ones you’re wearing these days — and rock them now!

5.) Use your baby, kid, stroller, dog, and husband as accessories
Keep in mind that you’re not the only one you can dress up; there’s no reason not to trick out your pram or your man to give your look a boost. And baby clothes? We all know how fun it can be to shop for a fashion-forward infant or toddler. Sure Baby Vogue can get pricey, but clever moms shop for less. Check out Babble’s list of the best sample sale sites for moms. You’ll have your own budget Suri in no time.

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