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News and Updates From Stella & Dot

Here’s a snapshot of the latest news and updates from Stella & Dot:

* The “Mommy & Me” jewelry line is set to launch on Saturday, April 24th and will ship out on Monday, April 26th. The little girls jewelry line is super precious, featuring mini soiree bracelets, mini flower rings and ribbon & pearl necklaces (below).

* All Stella & Dot brooches can now be ordered a la carte. The brooches still come with the matching necklace, but are also sold separately as well (below).

* Alexis Bellino from the Real Housewives of Orange County continues to wear the Black Bloom Flower Ring, but has also been spotted wearing the Penelope Necklace on the show.  It’s the same gold medallion necklace that Jillian Harris wore on The Bachelorette.

* Shayne Lamas has been seen wearing the White Bloom Flower Ring on the E! television series, Leave It to Lamas (below).

* Stella & Dot will announce in mid-July the launch of its Stella & Dot Foundation, an organization with the mission to “help women through the creation of educational and economic opportunities” (below).

Stay tuned for more info, news and updates relating to Stella & Dot jewelry!

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