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Stella & Dot Pearl Bauble Bracelet in Fit Pregnancy Magazine

It’s no secret that Fit Pregnancy magazine loves Stella & Dot, having featured the jewelry numerous times in its glossy pages. This month is no exception: the magazine featured the best-selling Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet from Stella & Dot in it’s October 2009 issue in the “Uptown Downtown” fashion spread. They highlighted the pearl bracelet (also seen on Guiliana Rancic at the Emmys) over beautiful Cire leather gloves, along with a gorgeous Liz Lange Maternity silk & wool skirt suit (do they come in non-pregger sizes?!?) and a lush Giovannio wool hat. I absolutely love this look and, obviously, the magazine does too. They write: “A chic tweed skirt suit helps your bump make its proper debut.” I couldn’t have said it better.


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  1. Cool! Brilliant line of pregnancy outfits. I quite liked them.

    October 21, 2009

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