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An Ode to the Statement Necklace

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate the impact of powerful jewelry. Bold colors, luxe materials, large links and shiny metal can literally transform your weekend wear to something club-appropriate in a snap of a finger. No need to wash it, scrub it, fold it, iron it or dry it; and it won’t kill your tootsies at the end of the day, either. In fact, with a killer necklace dangling next to that beautiful face, no one will even look down to see what’s on your feet. Plus, you don’t have to pair other accessories with it, so it cuts your prep time into just four easy steps: Dress, shoes, necklace, purse. Done!


Katherine Heigle, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Sandra Bullock all look stunning in a simple dress and a WOW necklace. And First Lady Michelle Obama is probably the woman who single-handedly brought back the statement necklace, as she re-introduced American women to the sheath dress, to biceps, to statement jewelry, and to the importance of wearing them all at once.


As you’ve probably seen, the statement necklace is BIG this season. And I don’t just mean big in size, I mean bigger-than-big in the same way that leggings have taken over our weekend wardrobe, replacing our trusty jeans and sneakers. The huge necklaces are already showing up on A-listers and have been touted by fashion editors in every magazine, from the budget-friendly to the couture-focused. Glamour magazine’s Suze Yalof said that “a big, fab necklace is the ultimate confidence booster. A bold one draws attention to your best feature: a beautiful smile!” And fashion designer and Project Runway guest judge Michael Kors agrees: “Know the power of jewelry. There’s nothing like a necklace with some dramatic, colorful gemstones (faux or not) to make a woman look like a million bucks.” From chains to pearls to plastic, the statement necklace can be found in any material, in any store, and at any price. If you want to go neon or spiky, by all means, buy the cheap-y necklace and be on your way. But if you plan to embrace this trend — one that will be, no doubt, as long-lasting as those leggings — then spring for a statement piece that you truly adore and that will go the distance.  Stella & Dot jewelry offers instant impact, major style and high quality for an affordable price and offers dozens of on-trend, statement necklaces to fit any budget, including several faves that have already been featured in InStyle, Marie Claire and Cosmo this season. So, have fun and take your pick:


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