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Look Younger & Better Instantly!

Although lotions, potions and serums do work wonders, they are not an instant fix for lifeless skin or forehead wrinkles. So, what is? Jewelry!

We all know jewelry can add instant impact to your look, but it also brings light, sparkle and color to the face and draws attention away from problem areas. Puffy eyes, crow’s feet, smile lines… They can all be instantly diminished with the flash of a chandelier earring or a whimsical necklace. Read on to find out how Stella & Dot jewelry can help you look younger, brighter, and better RIGHT NOW! 


1.) Sparkle on, Girl! Shiny skin is a major no-no, but shiny jewels? Now we’re talking! Anything glimmery, shimmery or sparkly is your friend when it comes to accessories. What bronzers & highlighters do for your complexion, blingy earrings and necklaces do for your entire look. So, when you look like the cat dragged you in at 3am last night, pop on some earrings such as the Delphine Chandelier Earrings and watch the red from your eyes fade away. Can’t wear the door-knockers to work? Try the Heirloom Earrings, which pack in some bling for their petite size.

2.) Play with color. Our economic forecast is bland enough, so why should our style be colorless, too? Happy hues have the ability to literally change your mood and lift your spirits. I say: Take advantage of the magic of color! Turquoise is a universal hue that flatters nearly everyone. Try the Turquoise Sea Drop Necklace or matching Turquoise Sea Drop Earrings. The Happy Flowers Necklace features a bouquet of fresh colors and can be worn dressed up or down. And the Bloom Flower Necklace is the perfect pop of whimsy for your usual office attire.

3.) Know what makes you shine. What looks absolutely stunning on you, silver or gold? Both usually look good on everyone, but one will literally make your skin glow. When one of my friends put on the Sofia Single Strand Necklace, her face literally looked like it was lit from within! My mom is one who looks best in cool colors such as black, purples and blues, and she is radiant in the Rachel Necklace or the Silver Jasmine Filigree Earrings.

4.) Style it with white. So, you started your weekend early and went out with girls Thursday night. Ahh, we’ve all been there. But don’t let the next morning’s aftermath get you down. If you look dull or tired, nothing works better than white! Line the inner, lower rim of your eyes with white liner. Dab some white shimmer on your brow bones. And then layer on a pearl necklace to instantly add glimmer and dimension to your skin, so your dark circles, wrinkles, redness or puffiness disappears. And if one strand is great, you can bet that two or three are even better! Try the Threaded Coin Pearl Necklace or the Rosie Multistrand Necklace for a stellar look. Pair it with a classic, white oxford shirt and a bright lipstick, and baby, you’re gorgeous! No one will know you were out dancing ’til dawn.

5.) If all else fails… Exfoliate with a scrub, use a shimmer foundation, slide on some shades and smile!


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