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A Guide to Organizing Your Jewelry

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend, But Only if You Can Find Them! A Guide to Organizing Your Jewelry

By Guest Blog Writer Gail Gray, Owner of A Fresh Start Professional Organizing

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Whether you are dripping in diamonds or collecting costume jewelry, it does you no good to have it if you don’t wear it. Most women don’t wear their jewelry because it is just too complicated to find it. There are the balls of necklaces that are so complicated to untangle you would rather write a thesis on nuclear fusion than deal with it, the lost earring collection, and bracelets that need repair.
The proper storage of your jewelry is not only important to keep it in good condition, but also so you can wear what you have. Even if you spent $5 on a pair of earrings, it is a waste of money if they sit in a drawer or box.
You can use containers specifically for jewelry as shown below, or even kitchen/bathroom drawer organizers work well too. The benefit of the ones designed specifically for jewelry is the lining keeps the jewelry protected, but the cost of the standard drawer organizers can be significantly less.

With how beautiful jewelry is today, you can treat it like art and decorate a wall with it. Use bulletin boards to hang and display. Keep it simple though. Decorative bulletin boards will look cluttered and confusing and will not show off your treasures, nor will you be able to quickly see what you have. Also, consider peg racks or hooks. I great way to separate your necklaces and bracelets. Utilizing both is great. Earrings just poke into the cork, smaller necklaces and bracelets can be hung on the board with push pins (stick to clear so you it doesn’t interfere with the color/design of your jewelry. Then hang the chunkier necklaces and bracelets on the pegs. Arrange by color or style, which ever way makes most sense to you.

The Container Store and Ikea, among others, sell closet organizing systems with portions of the closet designated for jewelry. They have beautiful “trays” that pull out like a drawer and allow you to see your jewelry up close. The only problem with these trays is that they only work if you have a large closet to designate that much space to. If space is an issue, try going vertical with hanging jewelry organizers. These allow you to see what you have, but keep items separated for ease in retrieval.

On Top of Dresser or Counter Top:

Decorative storage is widely available to hold your jewelry. Keep in mind though, what you wear. If you are trendy and wear the large chunky necklaces, traditional jewelry boxes won’t do. They are built for small delicate jewelry and you will only fit one necklace inside. Make sure the items you choose will fit what you use!


Drawer organizers that stack are useful in a cabinet, but you will have to pull it all out to see what you have. . Also, any of the counter top containers mentioned above will work as well, but since they will be out of sight, the expense for the beautiful containers is somewhat wasted. 3M hooks that are removable can be attached to cabinet doors that are not opened more often than looking at jewelry. Otherwise the necklaces and bracelets will bang against the door and risk damage. Also, clear acrylic containers are great because not only can you stack them, but you can see through them to know what you have! I have used clear double sided adhesive tape to hold them in place when stacked.

Accessories are the finishing touches to your outfit. You have spent money on jewelry, organize it so you can see what you have and actually use it. No more tangled messes – get out there and look like the super model you were meant to be!

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