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Stella Steal: Vintage Pearl Necklace

Yet another “Style for a Steal!”
Compare to Tiffany & Co. AGAIN!  ;-p

Tiffany & Co. “Pearls by the Yard” is $575 — a total STEAL if you’re, say, Angelina Jolie. See the Stella & Dot look-alike for a beautiful piece for not a lot buck. On their Web site, Tiffany’s even says that pearls “are sleek treasures harboring luminescence in their round profiles.” Well, gee, I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Elsa Peretti Pearls by the Yard Necklace in 18kt Gold, $575

Elsa Peretti "Pearls by the Yard" Necklace in 18kt Gold, $575

Below, see the steal from Stella & Dot. From the new “Fancy” holiday collection, the Vintage Memories Necklace is really beautiful for just $59. It’s nearly 40″ long too, so you can wear it long or wrapped around twice.

Vintage Memories Necklace in Pearl, $59

Vintage Memories Necklace in Pearl, $59

Also, another look-alike from Stella & Dot — the 19″ Tatum Pearl Necklace for just $69!

Tatum Pearl Necklace, $69
Tatum Pearl Necklace, $69
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